Who We Are

Hypersonic is a New York City based design studio. We blend art, design, technology, engineering, and architecture to create ground breaking sculptures, machines, and interactive experiences.


Bill is an artist, aerospace engineer, roboticist, designer, and maker. Before starting Hypersonic, Bill had a career designing airplanes for Boeing, engineering big robots for Genie Industries, and building little kinetic sculptures. Bill has a degree in Aerospace Engineering.


Gwylim is from Sydney, Australia where he completed his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a keen interest in Mechanical Effects in film as well as art and design. He is interested in how things are made and enjoys making things himself.


Caitlin is an artist and a ninja. Previously, Caitlin was a researcher in Italy, an artist in residence at SFPC, an MFA student at Parsons, and a merciless warrior at a secret ninja facility in the mountains near Matsumoto. Be careful.


Heather Blind is our project manager and organizational guidance counselor. She has a background spanning from interior design to guided parachute systems. When she’s not organizing our chaos, she can be found in Red Hook Brooklyn, handing out food to strangers on the street.


Dan is our spiritual advisor, zen master, and physical experimentalist. These days Dan spends much of his time in the woods of Maine, but we count on his sage wisdom and creative mind often.


Jeff is a frequent collaborator, partner, fellow artist, maker, thinker, and breather. He is in the moment. Check out a link to his work at Plebian Design below.


Anna is our Swedish intern. Anna truly enjoys making mechanical and decorative things. After completing her Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering she found us.

What We Do

Hypersonic has developed a deep understanding of how to create innovative sculptural forms that capture the imagination and break the barriers of what has been done before. Our core team has a diverse background covering the arts and sculpture, industrial design, interface design and programming, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Every new project begins with the whole team at the table, brainstorming, sketching, hacking, and prototyping. Prototypes are a big part of our learning process, as almost everything we create is unique and new. Our team is fluent in the creative process and the deeper functions of CAD design, creative coding, embedded systems programming, pcb design, welding, machining, and large-scale manufacturing.

Our studio includes a full prototyping shop and a talented team who are comfortable putting together a desk-top robot or a 1,000 square foot sculptural display. Both our studio and our team are able to scale to the size and scope of the work as needed.

Hypersonic often collaborates with colleagues with specialties in technology, interface design, physics, mathematics, biotechnology, and fine arts to help us achieve the impossible. We also have close relationships with multiple fabricators who help to produce custom parts in both large and small scales that meet high aesthetic standards.

Some of Our Collaborators

At the heart of our practice is our focus on collaboration. We believe that every successful project begins by coming together with great people who have a diverse set of specialties.

Our studio is a open and collaborative environment, which we share as part of the Dark Matter Collective. Dark Matter is a curated group of artists, engineers, designers, scientists, and deep thinkers who come together to collaborate, inspire, and create magic.


Jeff Lieberman explores the connections between the arts, sciences, education, creativity, and consciousness.



Sosolimited is an art and technology studio specializing in interactive environments and multisensory design.



Jamie is an artist who uses contemporary materials to create interactive sculpture, and a fellow member of the Dark Matter Collective.

jamie Zigelbaum


Patten Studio merges art & design talent with in-depth technical knowledge to create magical interactive experiences. He is a fellow member of the Dark Matter Collective.

James Patten


A small firm developing custom web applications using the finest frameworks.

Nucleus Development


An interdisciplinary design studio driven by intuitive visuals and beautiful, intelligent design solutions.

Brite Lines


Makers Toolbox create wildly entertaining construction kits designed to set children’s imaginations on fire.

Makers Tool Box


Small Design Firm specializes in the design and implementation of interactive, dynamic graphical applications.

David Small


Chico MacMurtrie is internationally recognized for his large-scale, performative, kinetic installations, and interactive public sculptures.

Amophic Robot Works


Geo Homsy is an innovator, scientist, engineer, and technology artist with deep understanding of physics, computation, biology, and robotics.

Geo Homsy


Janna is a theoritical physicist, author, and fellow member of the Dark Matter Collective.

Janna Levin

ted.com/speakers/jean _baptiste_ michel.html

JB is a big data scientist, entrepreneur, and fellow member of the Dark Matter Collective.

JB Michel

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