Sky Wave   |   2016

For Royal Caribbean - Ovation of the Seas

Sky Wave is a kinetic sculpture for Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Ovation of the Seas. It is the signature artwork, placed above the Royal Esplanade in the ship's main public gallery.

The 99 gleaming red petals of Sky Wave sway rhythmically with a choreography of evolving generative motions. We were inspired by the movement of bird feathers and flocks, schools of fish, and sea anemones. Sky Wave reminds passengers of the interactions between the forces of nature and beauty of movement, while giving people a moment of wonder and awe.

The sculpture is driven by eleven motors directly from a Processing sketch. Each motor drives a 100:1 planetary gearbox, which is connected to a series of link arms, with nine "petals" connected to each gearbox. The petals were created out of foam and fiberglass, then painted with a custom designed effect to show the gleam of bright red paint, with the subtle organic texture of gold cracks exposed from beneath.

Sky Wave was installed on Ovation of the Seas in Papenburg, Germany in February 2016. Ovation will be sailing out of its home port of Beijing, China starting in summer 2016.

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