Diffusion Choir
A hanging sculpture with 400 individually kinetic folding elements
Constructive Interference
A sculpture for the Learning Innovation Center at Oregon State University
Positional Drift
A sculpture with 600 motorized winches resolving into infinite sculptural forms.
Sky Wave
A kinetic Sculpture for Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas
Subway Symphony
A robotic musical project bringing James Murphy's subway dream to life
Nobel Field
A field of interactive screens and lights for the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo
Harcourt Wall
The Harcourt Wall is an illuminated crystal wall installation for the Baccarat Hotel in New York City.
An anamorphic kinetic sculpture for Biogen Idec, Inc in the lobby of their Cambridge, MA building
Zebrafish Interactive Donor Wall
An interactive donation wall for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA, with 425 touch-activated 3d-printed fish that pulse with light
CSIS Global Chandelier
425 Hanging LED pendants display global statistical data across this hanging chandelier in Washington D.C.
Barista Bots SXSW
An interactive experience for SXSW 2013, the Barista Bot takes real time facial data and draws your face on your very own latte
Patterned By Nature
This sculptural ribbon winds through the atrium of North Carolina's newest science museum, displaying patterns in nature across its 3,600 LCD glass tiles
Interactive Snow Globes
Interactive Holiday Windows for the Time Warner Center, Winter 2013
The winning proposal for an international sculpture competition to create a 20 million dollar climate change-related public sculpture for downtown San Jose, CA
Cartier Holiday Windows
A series of interactive holiday store windows where a visitor's hand outside can open a series of jewelry boxes inside to reveal their hidden treasures
The Sitting Wave Bench
A public sculpture that sends waves of fluid motion across the bench as people sit and stand
A massive moving kinetic LED screen for the U2 world tour in 2009/2010
A full sized 1960's era Citroen DS stands up over 60 feet tall and unfolds like robotic totem; a sculpture commissioned by Citroen
Barneys Windows on Fashion
A window installation for Barney's flagship store, with moving television screens celebrating the art and fashion of Carine Roitfeld

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